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Announcing A Collaboration With The Sydney Film Festival!

Almost a year ago our Chief-In-Tow Scallywag Sally spotted Sydney Film Festival flags flying from street banners all through the CBD and got the idea that those smiling faces perched in auditorium seats might look good on cushions. Nine months ago she emailed the Festival and the conversation started. And today, we’re very excited to launch the fruits of that conversation, a range of limited edition products hand crafted from those very flags!

You might remember that each flag featured a famous cinematic character — Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s; Charlie Chaplin’s iconic The Tramp; Princess Leia from the original Star Wars trilogy; Dorothy & Toto from The Wizard of Oz; Australia’s own Margaret & David, and; Alex DeLarge from Stanley Kubrick’s controversial A Clockwork Orange.

Well, Holly, Dorothy, Leia and The Tramp are now available on oversized cushions in very limited quantities, perfect for the floor, a beloved pet, or for an outdoor area. Speaking of outdoors, you can also get them on deck chairs, or even to brighten up your dining area as a tablecloth — the Scallywags each have one, and they’re the talking point of every dinner party! However, there are only around 25 of each character available, spread across each product type, so if you want one, you’d better get in FAST!

Margaret & David were a little bit smaller in size, but no less rare. We have about two dozen of each critical great available in standard 50x50cm cushions. These are sure to be incredibly popular, so do not delay a second!

Then, those smiling happy faces you saw surrounding our celebrities are also available as cushions, or even as fabulous bags — a good sized tote that’s big enough to lug around just about anything you might want to take for a full day of festival-going. Plus, they mean you’ll never have to watch another film alone.

All of the cushions are made front and back from the Sydney Film Festival 2014 street banners, handmade in Sydney with an invisible zip keeping it all together. Both are available with or without the cushion insert, but if you do get the insert you can rest comfortably knowing that they’re made from 100% recycled PET bottles. But don’t worry, they’re still super comfy! Super comfy, and super responsible. Of course, if you already have a cushion and just need a cover, just order the cover! But keep in mind, the oversized cushions are a bit of an unusual size (80x80cm), so make sure you can get an insert somewhere near you.

The deck chairs are Sydney Film Festival 2014 banners on the front, but backed with a canvas-type fabric made from (you guessed it) recycled PET bottles for added strength. While we have no doubt the banners themselves would be strong enough (we tested one out over summer, and after all they’re designed to withstand all the weather Sydney can throw at them over a couple of months!), we just wanted to be doubly sure.

The bags are banners front and back, with red handles and some red trim across the top. We’ve been toting them for a while now, and can vouch for their size and strength — they’ve helped with many an unanticipated grocery shop!

While the limited number of flags available means each product is limited in quantity, any items not sold prior to the Festival will be made available for purchase at the Festival — which could be perfect for those sometimes-not-so-comfortable cinema seats, especially on those marathon days.

A percentage of each sale is going back to the Sydney Film Festival to help support their ongoing work, so don’t be afraid to spend up big! And if you’re having any difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

If you’re still reading, congratulations! Make sure you sign up to our e-news to be the first to hear about future ranges and collaborations like this — we’re prototyping a new range as we speak that we’re hoping to launch soon, and we think you’ll LOVE it!

Thoughts? Feedback? We’d love to know. So email us, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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