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Win Alex DeLarge!

Well, not quite. We’re not quite into the winning of people. Especially of the ultra-violent type.

As many Sydney-siders and SFF-goers might remember, there were very few flags flown last year for the Sydney Film Festival featuring Alex DeLarge (of A Clockwork Orange fame.) In fact, there were only a couple. And we have them all.

But we want to give them away! And we couldn’t decide whether they’d be best as cushions or deck chairs or tablecloths, so we’re going to leave it up to the winners!

There will be two competitions running concurrently, one on Facebook, one on Instagram. You can enter both if you’d like, but you’ll only win once. Gotta share the love.

The basic for both is the same: take a photo or create an image inspired by, referencing, or even featuring either the notion of ‘clockwork’ or ‘orange’ — or both. Simple.

On Facebook: like The Scallywag Society, post the image, and make sure you tag us.

On Instagram: follow The Scallywag Society, post the image, tag us and use the hashtag #AlexTheScallywag.


Winners will be decided by The Scallywag Society. Pro tip: we love a laugh, so if it’s funny or clever or anything like that you’ll probably have an edge. And keep it clean! We don’t need any Kubrick-inspired shenanigans violating the terms of service of either platform.

The competition is open to anyone around the world, but we will only ship within Australia. If you’re an international winner, you’ll need to pay for shipping. Sorry about that. But if you choose a cushion, we can just ship the cover and that won't cost much at all!

And the winners can decide if they would like their Alex DeLarge as an oversized cushion, a deck chair, or a tablecloth. Other requests may be considered, but at the discretion of The Scallywag Society.

The competition is open from 1 June 2015 to 5pm 15 June 2015 AEST. We’ll announce the winning entries on Facebook and Instagram and be in touch to organise the prizes.

So get snapping!

Any questions? Contact us.

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