mardi gras furoshiki

What's a furoshiki? It's as simple as a piece of fabric that can be used for a variety of purposes. Often square and of different sizes, they're used in Japan as bags, gift wrapping,  and other things.

So why are we making them? Because the 40th anniversary Mardi Gras street banners are perfect for them! Strong in fabric and colour, they're a statement that folds up tiny in your pocket and can come out when you need to carry anything. Our favourite, of course, is wine, but you can turn larger ones into carry bags, or backpacks, or purses — you name it! You can fit a furoshiki in a furoshiki bag, so when you go to pick up that bottle of wine... you get the idea!

We have two sizes. Making-of images are of the smaller size, perfect for one or two bottles of wine, but also for a small bag to carry belongings out to dinner, or wrapping up a present for a friend. The bigger size (pictured on our model's back!) is great for a shoulder bag or backpack, something a little roomier.

The photos are a crude attempt at showing how easy they  are to use for wine cartage (we're not obsessed, you're obsessed!), but there are a couple of instruction sheets, and we'll put these in with your order. You can buy them individually or as a set — a set is one of each size.

$5 from each individual furoshiki will go back to Sydney Mardi Gras, and as each is cut from a flag we can't promise which part you'll get, but each will be something fabulous, upcycled, sustainable, and made by hand in Sydney, Australia!

Medium: 67x67cm
Large: 137x137cm