Us Stuff

We are The Scallywag Society, a bunch of old fart artists who set up this little activity to keep them mentally alert and out of the pub. We use a variety of fabrics, having started with Alexander Henry prints imported from the good ol' USA, but we also have some original designs coming from Australia.

We hand make everything here in Sydney, Australia. Our cushions feature backs made from recycled City of Sydney banners, and some of them have ceramic buttons by our resident potter Nettie. The cushion inserts are filled with recycled PET fibre derived from recycled water bottles—each kilogram of fibre is equivalent to more than 70 water bottles NOT going to landfill! (If only vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon came in plastic bottles—the Scallywags could make their own inserts!)

We just make what we love, and what gets us excited. Cushions are the core, but sometimes you might find some pot holders, or a chair, or a robe... Or something else wonderful and fancy! The best way to keep on top of what we're making, and what's new, is to like us on Facebook.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you have any special requests. Or hey, even if you just want a chat!

Enjoy your authentic The Scallywag Society product, whatever it might be.

Dave—Chief Scallywag Wrangler
Sally—Chief-In-Tow Scallywag