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All shipping is FREE within Australia! If you're looking for international shipping rates, check out this page listing some common orders to the most popular countries. If your order or country isn't listed, get in touch for more info.

Shipping costs are calculated on each order and added during the payment stage. If your country isn't listed as a shipping option, get in touch and we'll give you a quote.

If you're only ordering the covers, it costs the same amount for us to ship one as it does four — no matter where in the world you are. So if you're only after one or two, get together with a friend and you could save a bundle on postage!

All products are made to order, but we endeavour to ship within two weeks. In peak times, this may take up to four weeks. Please get in touch if you have specific needs. We will let you know when your product has shipped.

About our Cushions

Let us explain why your cushion from The Scallywag Society is sooo perfect. 

It features the fabulous Alexander Henry fabric design.

It can also feature an incredible piccie created by Sydney artists that have offered their wares to The Scallywags – over many glasses of wine of course.

The reverse features part of an amazing banner that has flown in the City of Sydney attached to rather large poles. 

The inserts are made from 100% recycled PET bottles, which means the innards look like this picture over here. They are zippered so you can take a bit out and collect it to stuff your favourite Teddy, or just to make it as comfy as you like, and all cushions have reclaimed buttons, ties or zips (depending on the style) See the photos on the product pages for reference... 

All our cushions are beautifully handmade in Sydney and blinged up individually as the mood takes us. Yes they have diamantes and all sorts attached so please remember to iron on the reverse.

What more could you ask for when you own a most wonderful asset such as our cushion.

About our Robes

These are meticulously handmade in Sydney, using the dynamic Alexander Henry fabric. We are hoping to get our artists to design “something” for these gowns as well. 

They come in Medium and Large however if there is a request we may be able to accommodate it. These are made to order and the end result will be determined by the availability of the fabric, let alone the seamstress……only kidding with the seamstress.

About our Pot Holders

You get what you see with these pot holders, which you can also use as “trivets”, they will always have red fabric on the back and black binding around the edges. Special orders and matching sets can be made but there will be an extra charge associated with this.

About our Chairs

All our chairs are rescued from a tragic demise and are therefore only available on a once in a lifetime basis – sooooo stay tuned to the site so you can be first in to grab the next rare ……………. seating arrangement (couldn’t think of anything better to put there). Our resident upholsterers loves to redecorate these poor things and they come up a treat after they weave their magic.

Care of The Scallywag Society products.

We advise that you wash in cold/cool water separately from your other articles which you deposit into your machine.

Drying should be out of direct sunlight (therefore no blazing Australian Sun please…) and please do not whack them into the dryer.

Iron any product with bling on the reverse side please.

If you find your cushion has removable pottery buttons we recommend that you remove them before washing, otherwise they may just break.


We are happy to accept exchanges if you find your cushion does not suit your décor and you would prefer another design. Keep the insert and return the cover and we will forward another cover to you — this is at your expense though.

If the product is faulty, which would be hard to believe due to our quality control procedure (an anal seamstress who seeks near perfection) we will be happy to refund you or send you another — this is at our expense.


We are partners in crime and wine, well no crime but lots of wine. We have jobs, cars and homes as well as families, some here in Australia and some overseas. We love animals, wine, art, wine, sport, wine, reading, wine, theatre, wine, music, wine, food, wine, people, wine and all the things that make life go round. Oh – did we mention we also like the odd glass of wine??? Well we do, along with a friendly chat or three.

City of Sydney Banners

Rather than shimmy up the poles around the City at night we conservatively purchase our banners for The Scallywag Society products. This saves hospital bills, police records and the guilty feeling, however it does sound like a fun way to source the banners.

All the banners have been washed before assembly to free them of the “smog”.

Have a game of “Guess what flag this was”?