game of love


These sporty fellas aren't afraid to get their flirt on! Athletic and staring deeply into your eyes, the pink lets you know that underneath their washboard exteriors lies a gentle, caring heart. Sexy Alexander Henry fabric on the front and recycled City of Sydney street banners on the back, they're filled with our inserts made from recycled PET bottles. Shipping globally (without the insert is recommended if you're outside of Australia.)

If you already have a cushion, don't throw it away — you can purchase just the cover to save on waste and a bit of postage. And want to save even more? Order up to four cushion covers and the postage stays the same! Perfect.

(Images are indicative — the front is cut from a repetitive fabric, so each will differ slightly, and the backs are indicative only — each is cut from a different banner, so will differ. And each cushion is handmade in Sydney with love and care!)

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