Permanent Babs Bag


‘Sometimes art touches you inappropriately, but that’s ok because it’s cultural.’

It might be a while since Babs sported a perm this wild, but no amount of Xanax can remove it from our minds. Now available as a tote bag, Barbra takes the stage as Permanent Babs, edition two in the 3 Degrees of Hairspiration series by PopHeavy, exclusively for The Scallywag Society.

Babs is printed on durable polyester, so she carry all your belongings as you sing ‘Papa Can You Hear Me?’ down the street.

Once you get your Babs fix there’s no going back, so let us get you truly addicted with a Tom and Chewy hit.

This stylishly hairy trio also come as wall prints, so feel free to get totally hung up on them and decorate the life out of your home.

How much is shipping?

~50x50cm plus handles