pot holders—boys

**Please contact for special requests**

How about this – we have managed to frame some of the gorgeous Alexander Henry pin ups so you can have them either hanging on a hook in your kitchen or use to manhandle your food around the kitchen, you can also pop your pot on them to serve.

Made from Alexander Henry fabric, these pot holders are filled with Insul Bright (which is stuff that resists heat), and make every cooking experience a little more exciting.

Images are indicative of the fabric—each pot holder is handmade and each is individual. All are cut from this fabric, and feature red backing. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee precisely which part of the picture each pot holder will have on the face, but rest assured we will never put up for sale a pot holder we think is in any way substandard.


* As each is entirely unique, these must be seen to be believed! Which is why we are only selling these through physical stores. You can find a selection at The Makery on Oxford St, Darlinghurst, however if there is one in particular you'd like please contact us to discuss.

Sold out.