Tote Bags

Film Festivals can be hard slogs. We know. But we also have just the thing to carry all of your supplies (and for every other day too.) Handmade in Sydney, these tote bags feature members of the public from recycled Sydney Film Festival 2014 street banners on both sides, meaning you always have some colourful company as you run your errands. Or a friendly face to empathise with your critical reception of that late-night, late-festival film choice.

Made as they are from banners designed to be fluttering in the breeze in Sydney for a couple of months, they're incredible hard-wearing and durable, and they've been crafted with love to ensure that you can treasure them as the collector's items they are for years to come.

Each of these bags will feature a face on one side, and each is entirely unique — no two are the same! So open your Scallywag package and be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

H52xW50cm + handle