Wookie Mojo


‘Sometimes art touches you inappropriately, but that’s ok because it’s cultural.’

Refusing to get a Brazilian, Chewbacca comes to us real, raw and fiercely furry as the third edition of the 3 Degress of Hairspiration series by PopHeavy, exclusively for The Scallywag Society.

Both the inserts and the canvas-like material that Chewie is printed on are made from recycled PET bottles – each backed by recycled City of Sydney street banners. So while he may be hairier than your current beau, he will snuggle up with you on the couch through 14 agonising seasons of Friends without complaining or farting.

If Chewie gets your inner galactic juices flowing, then you may want to check out how Barbra and Tom measure up in this hair-raising series.

We all love a respectable threesome and are pleased to offer you a discount if you take home all three editions in the range (or grab a pair if you can't quite imagine all three...)

This stylishly hairy trio also come as wall prints, so feel free to get totally hung up on them and decorate the life out of your home.

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